About Us

Lee David Pesky

Our mission at Lee Pesky Learning Center (LPLC) is to improve the lives of people who learn differently through prevention, evaluation, treatment, and research.

As a nonprofit 501 c3 organization, we rely on grants, donations, and fees for service to support our work in clinics and schools located throughout Idaho.

LPLC was founded in 1997 by Alan and Wendy Pesky to honor the life of their son Lee who passed away in 1995 due to an inoperable brain tumor. Lee struggled with learning disabilities throughout his life and through the generosity of his family, our donors and supportive foundations, we are able to help others facing similar challenges.

How We Help Children, Teens and Adults with Learning Disabilities

We conduct psycho-educational evaluations to determine the learning profile of individuals who learn differently. Our evaluations focus on an individual’s academic, cognitive, and social/emotional profile and directly inform treatment plans that address the needs of the whole person.*

We provide 1:1 and group academic intervention services and counseling services to meet the various learning needs of children and adults with learning differences.*

Some learning challenges can be avoided when children are provided with quality early learning experiences, appropriate classroom instruction, and targeted support in reading and math. We provide training and consultation for teachers (preschool through college) nationwide to support their efforts in providing high quality learning experiences for all students.

This year marks a new era for LPLC as we partner with Boise State University and other colleges and universities to establish a research agenda that helps us to better understand the complex causes of learning disabilities, to identify new interventions for students with learning disabilities, and to replicate those services in areas beyond our current reach.

*Funds are raised annually to provide financial assistance for families who qualify. For information on financial assistance please contact Tracey Buch at tbuch@lplearningcenter.org or 208-333-0008.