The majority of reading problems can be prevented in preschool and the early grades. "“ National Research Council

Lee Pesky Learning Center helps early educators, parents and care givers create meaningful learning experiences by providing innovative tools and materials to support early literacy and math development. In addition, LPLC provides high quality training for early educators. Click on the links for more information:

Early Childhood Resources

Explore apps, books, story mats, free online courses, and other resources developed by LPLC.

For More Information Contact:

Mary Jo Surges-Prokop

Early Childhood Specialist

(208) 333-0008Email Mary Jo

Live Classes through IdahoSTARS

We teach our Every Child Ready to Learn classes through IdahoSTARS, Parts 1 and 2 (ET2 and ET4). Follow this link to view the training calendar and register.

If you are NOT part of IdahoSTARS and want to take our courses, please view IdahoSTARS Live Classes link above to see our class schedule, then contact Mary Jo Surges-Prokop to register. Space is limited.

Early Childhood Online Classes

We offer 3 online classes that are self-paced, ongoing, and IdahoSTARS approved:

  • ET2 Every Child Ready to Learn, Part 1
  • ET4 Every Child Ready to Learn, Part 2
  • Every Child Ready for Math

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