One in five students struggle with a learning or attention challenge. Most often, these challenges are first identified in the classroom. With early identification and effective intervention, students with learning and attention challenges can receive the support they need to become successful learners.Unfortunately, too few students are identified early, if at all. This can delay intervention, and lead to students falling further behind.

Our Early Identification and Detection (EarlyID) Project team is developing an online, easy to administer,non-language based screening tool that can identify young children at risk for learning and attention challenges and inform early intervention efforts. This online screening tool will be administered by teachers or paraprofessionals, scored automatically and provide instructional recommendations and inform further diagnostic testing.


  • Create a non-language based screening tool for early detection of young children at risk for learning and attention challenges by leveraging technology
  • Improve instruction for children in rural, low-income schools and schools serving students who are English learners
  • Promote practice that empowers education professionals to reach more students by participating in the screening process


August 2019 – June 2020


  • The Lois E. and Neil J. Gagnon Foundation
  • The Decker and Jessica Rolph Fund
  • Don & Marcia Liebich
  • Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation