Aubrie Gribble

Lead Educational Specialist

As Lead Educational Specialist, Aubrie gets the opportunity to work one-on-one with students to help them simultaneously develop academic skills as well as the necessary skills to become active participants in their own learning.  Education: B.A. in Elementary and Special Education M.Ed. in Early Childhood and Special education Lee Pesky Learning Center team member since…

Laura Moylan

Services Director

As Services Director, Laura is responsible for the coordination and implementation of academic intervention, academic coaching, counseling and evaluation services provide to clients.  Education: B.A., Westminster College M.Ed., University of Idaho Lee Pesky Learning Center team member since 2018 Fun Fact: As a life-long learner Laura is continuing her own education and finds time to…

Deb Freeman

Training Specialist

As an Training Specialist, Deb works with first grade teachers on best practices for literacy skills in the classroom and with Pre-K teachers on early literacy skills to get them ready for Kindergarten.    Education: B.S., University of Idaho M.Ed., University of Phoenix Lee Pesky Learning Center team member since 2018 Fun Fact: Many moons ago, my high…

Shannon Steege

Training Specialist

As Training Specialist, Shannon provides training and coaching support to preschool-elementary school teachers and assists school districts in school improvement efforts.  Education: B.A., Boise State University M.A., Gonzaga University Lee Pesky Learning Center team member since 2017 Fun Fact: In her spare time, Shannon enjoys traveling far and wide!  Her favorite place in the whole…

Debbie Wynkoop

Lead Educational Specialist

As a Lead educational Specialist, Debbie teaches clients (with a specialty in reading instruction), mentors Educational Specialists, and provides academic testing.  Education: B.A., University of Washington M.A., Boise State University Lee Pesky Learning Center team member since 2014 Fun Fact: Debbie loves getting together once a month to play Pinochle with a large group of…

Cristianne Lane

Professional Development Director

As a Professional Development Director, Cristianne and LPLC’s talented team of trainers provide professional development in evidence-based literacy and mathematics instruction to teachers across Idaho and beyond!  Education: B.S., Oregon State University M.Ed, Washington State University Lee Pesky Learning Center team member since 2008 Fun Fact: When she is not running around Idaho working in…

Anna Maderis

Training Specialist

As a Training Specialist, Anna works with teachers all over Idaho providing professional development in writing, reading, self-regulation, and more.  Education: B.A., Western Washington University M.A., Grand Canyon University Lee Pesky Learning Center team member since August 2012 Fun Fact: Anna started her teaching career in a 2 room schoolhouse high in the Ruby Mountains…

Connie Mitchell

Educational Specialist

As an Educational Specialist, Connie is trained in specific literacy instruction above and beyond standard teacher preparation; and is capable of assessing literacy problems, providing remedial instruction, and leading other teachers in the promotion of literacy.  Education: M.A. M.Ed. Lee Pesky Learning Center team member since 2007 Fun Fact: Outside of work, Connie enjoys cooking and…

Matt Scott

Operations Director

As an Operations Director, Matt is responsible for the financial and operational systems that support the organization in achieving its mission. Education: B.A., University of Oregon GCNPM, Portland State University Lee Pesky Learning Center team member since 2018 Fun Fact: Outside of work hours, Matt spends most of his time playing pretend with his daughter.