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Will Hughes

Board Member
(Boise, Idaho)

Will Hughes is a lifelong learner and empathetic ally whose personal experience with learning differences has fueled a passion to expand educational pathways for children and adults. He believes that differences are assets that must be valued and celebrated in the pursuit of a more just and compassionate world.

Will is a professor of Materials Science & Engineering at Boise State University where he joined the faculty in 2008. His educational approach centers on a commitment to closing opportunity gaps in higher education and empowering students of all backgrounds to broaden their horizons.

Will explores molecular self-assembly where his research team uses DNA as a memory material. Will is also a senior fellow with Boise State’s Institute for Inclusive and Transformative Scholarship, as well as the College of Innovation + Design. In these roles, he supports people in moving impactful ideas forward that are in service to humanity.