For this assignment, you’ll use the attached planning guide to prepare how you would support your students’ reading of the text about Valley Forge. Assume that you will have at least a few students for whom this reading will be challenging!

After you’ve read the passage, complete the planning guide – please be clear and thorough – for example, on the ‘key vocabulary’ item, make sure you not only identify the words you think will need teaching, but indicate whether you will preteach or ‘teach incidentally’ and include the student friendly definition and/or morphology you will use to help your students learn that word. Be thorough for each item of the planning guide – planning and intentional teaching are the keys to supporting comprehension.

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This is the final assignment of the course, the grade will not be automatic. Once I have graded this assignment and all others and you have received a minimum of 80% for this course you will receive your certificate in the mail. Yes, snail mail. You can submit that certificate to the State Department of Education for your certification paperwork.