Angeli Weller PhD, MBA

Pay For Success Lead

Picture of Angeli Weller PhD, MBA

Angeli Weller (PhD, Copenhagen Business School, MBA, Cambridge University) is Lee Pesky Learning Center's Pay for Success Fellow on secondment from the Blue Sky Institute at Boise State University. In collaboration with the Executive Director, Board of Directors and the Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah, she is leading feasibility assessment and deal structuring for Idaho's first pay for success contract. In this contract, the Center will leverage private investor capital to fund the statewide scaling of the Center's evidence-based early literacy intervention and the investors will be repaid by the Idaho Department of Education once improved student literacy outcomes are achieved. At Boise State's Blue Sky Institute, Angeli leads strategic efforts to solve entrenched social problems by catalyzing cross-disciplinary and cross-sector collaboration and innovation. Before transitioning into higher education, Angeli was the long time national Director of Ethics for KPMG. When not at work, you'll find Angeli running, hiking and snowshoeing in the mountains with her dog, Shakespeare.