Training Topics

For nearly twenty years, Lee Pesky Learning Center has provided high quality, research-based professional development services. We customize our trainings to meet the needs of school districts and individual schools.

  • Implementing Common Core Reading and Writing Instruction Across Content Areas
  • Developing Sustainable School-wide Intervention Systems for Reading, Writing and Mathematics Using Data Boards Effectively and Efficiently
  • Practical and Effective Strategies for Struggling Students and English Learners
  • Targeted Assessment Options for Math Intervention and Instructional Strategies for Teaching Number Sense, Fact Fluency, Place Value, Beginning Fractions, and Word Problems
  • Using Math Story Mats to Teach Number Sense and the Kindergarten Common Core Mathematics Standards
  • Supporting Comprehension with the Reciprocal Teaching Model
  • Understanding and Supporting Complex Learning Profiles
  • Best practices in Pre-K Literacy and Mathematics Instruction
  • Excellent and Efficient Vocabulary Instruction
  • Grade Level Support in Implementing a New ELA Adoption


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Professional Development Director

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Learning Tools

Lee Pesky Learning Center knows that every child does not learn the same way, nor is learning limited to the classroom. That’s why we create tools”” Lee Pesky Learning Center Innovations “” to help educators, parents, and care providers create meaningful learning experiences.

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