Your dollars save lives

Children and adults with learning disabilities face challenges in learning every day. Whether at school or in the workplace, a learning disability can have serious consequences when it affects the ability to read, write, or understand math.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 5 school-age children struggle with some type of learning or attention issue.
  • 19% of students with a learning disability nationwide will drop out of high school this school year.
  • In Idaho, only 50% of students enter school with the foundational skills that help them to become good readers.

With the generosity of people like you, we are able to provide individual intervention services, professional development for educators, academic coaching, and college transition.

Success Stories


“Lee Pejuliannesky Learning Center saved my life. I came to Lee Pesky due to many academic difficulties in the first grade. Coming to the Center allowed me to have a safe place to learn to read without the fear of isolation or stigma. The center helped me adopt critical life skills such as self-confidence, discipline, and time management at an age when most children only begin to pick out matching outfits.

I am overwhelmed by emotion when trying to express my gratitude to the individuals who have helped me and dedicate themselves to Lee Pesky Learning Center. Thank you for helping me achieve my dreams.”

““ Julianne is a graduate of Whitman College and is currently enrolled in a doctoral program at University of Oregon in school psychology.


William Young“My parents brought me to LPLC as a struggling 5th grader. I was scared, discouraged, and mad at the world. I could not account for the differences between my perceived capabilities and the work I was actually producing.  LPLC provided me with a remarkable gift: it gave me the tools to become the person I am today. The person I always knew I was.”

““ Will is a 29-year-old attorney living and working in Boise, ID. He was recently appointed to sit on LPLC’s board of directors.