Early detection and intervention allow us to identify a student’s strengths and challenges sooner to provide instruction that is responsive to their unique needs. We seek to innovate a novel, scalable, and efficient solution that leverages technology for an online assessment system that will accurately identify students at increased risk for learning and attention challenges at a very young age.

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Current Projects

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Early ID Project

Project Early ID is focused on creating a set of early detection tools to reliably identify children at-risk for learning and attention challenges. Our current focus is on developing an online, non-language based phonological processing screening tool.

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Idaho Early Literacy Project

The Idaho Early Literacy Project seeks to improve early literacy outcomes for children in preschool through third grade. Working in seven districts in Idaho, we are providing professional development and training to teachers to build their capacity to implement evidence-based reading instruction in the classroom.

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Every Child Ready to Learn

Our Every Child Ready to Learn project provides ongoing support to early care providers in Idaho who serve young children from low income backgrounds. Together, training specialists from LPLC work with early care providers to ensure that all children have access to high quality early learning experiences.

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