Academic Intervention

Since every child experiences unique learning challenges, our approach is never one-size-fits-all. Our education specialists work one-on-one to help you or your learner develop self-regulated skills in reading, writing, and math. Many learners meet their learning goals after 70 hours of intervention.


Academic Coaching

Coaching helps learners who need extra guidance in the areas of organization, time-management, study skills, self-advocacy, and stress reduction. Whether offered in conjunction with our academic intervention and counseling services or as a stand-alone program, coaching is tailored to each learner’s specific needs, abilities, and goals.



If you or your child is experiencing anxiety, stress, attention, or social challenges in a learning setting, our counseling services can help–or connect you to the right resources. Focusing on individual strengths, we uncover and understand how each learner’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors impact their learning. By building connections and improving self-awareness, the learner becomes more self-regulated, more capable, and more confident.

If you would like more information about our one-on-one services, please contact our intake coordinator at (208) 333-0008 or