Young Lee Pesky Portrait

Lee Pesky struggled with a learning disability throughout his life. He faced numerous obstacles to learning and academic success, and his family struggled to find support and specialized services to help him. Once the root causes of his learning challenges were understood, Lee was able to get the help he needed to succeed in school, complete college, and become a business owner. Sadly, Lee passed away in 1995 at the age of 30.

To honor Lee’s legacy, his parents, Alan and Wendy Pesky, founded Lee Pesky Learning Center to serve as a beacon for other families who experienced challenges like Lee.

Our vision is to create a pathway to learning for everyone.

Since 1997, we have been working with students, families, schools, and communities to understand and overcome obstacles to learning.

Our Commitments

  1. Create a pathway to learning for everyone.
  2. Advance research in the field of learning disabilities.
  3. Empower those who work in service of students.
  4. Train the next generation of practitioners.

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I Run for LPLC

Hi, I’m Greg Pesky. I am the Chair of the Lee Pesky Learning Center Board of Directors. I am proud to serve in this role and strategically guide LPLC as it strives to create pathways to learning for everyone. I’m also Lee’s younger brother. My connection to LPLC runs deep – and has kept me…

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