High-quality early learning experiences ensure that students enter school with the foundational skills necessary for school success. Children who enter school without foundational skills in self-regulation, early literacy, and early numeracy are placed at risk for long term academic remediation, referral to special education, increased risk of school dropout, and a host of other negative social outcomes. Effective professional development supports early childhood care providers and educators (ECEs) in their creation of high-quality, early learning environments that foster these critical skills. 


ECRL provides professional development focused on creating early learning environments that promote critical skills in self-regulation, early language and literacy, and basic numeracy across various stages of child development (e.g., 0 – 12 months; 12 – 36 months; 3 – 5 years). Adults who participate in ECRL will engage in three professional development strands: (1) self-paced online courses, (2) individualized coaching, and in-person workshops designed to increase participants’ knowledge of evidence-based practices for young learners.  Participation in ECRL is free. Literacy, self-regulation, and numeracy learning materials are also provided at no-cost to participants. 



  • Improve quality of early learning environments for children, ages birth to five which will also be reflected in improved school outcomes. 
  • Build a stronger connection between home and childcare environments.  
  • Create systems change through validation of an effective, sustainable training model established and ready to scale in Idaho and nationally. 


  • November 2021-October 2024 


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