Self-Regulation Screening and Progress Monitoring Tools

All of Lee Pesky Learning Center’s services are delivered through our self-regulated learner framework. Our framework focuses on building students’ skills to become more connected, self-aware, self-determined, strategic, and resilient. Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that these skills are just as critical as academic skills to school success and life-long learning.

Students who demonstrate strong self-regulation are better able to focus, attend, and navigate the social, emotional and behavioral requirements at school and other environments. Self-regulation is also a strong predictor of later school success. However, for a significant number of students, self-regulation can be compromised if they do not receive adequate support.

Our current focus areas are 1) creating an online resource to reach more teachers in the classroom and 2) developing assessments that help measure a student’s self-regulation skills. These initiatives will help us expand our reach to more schools and more students.

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  • Create self-regulated learners who are connected, self-aware, self-determined, strategic, and resilient and reduce the need for more intensive services
  • Integrate social emotional and academic instruction through our low-lift self-regulated learner strategies
  • Develop efficient, effective measures of self-regulated learning