“We chose to come to LPLC because of its strong reputation in helping students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Before LPLC, our son struggled to read, didn’t find pleasure in reading, and would procrastinate or do the minimum in his work. Our son has made significant progress at LPLC and that has transferred into class and at home. He has built strong confidence in reading and writing. We are thrilled with LPLC – it has changed our son’s life.” – Michelle, LPLC Parent


“My time at the Lee Pesky Learning Center has given me the invaluable opportunity to receive training from knowledgeable and experienced educational specialists. LPLC has taught me how to evaluate each learner as a whole, leveraging strengths to target and support weaknesses. I have learned so much from the experts at LPLC and I feel more prepared to use my training to help students identify and overcome their own obstacles to learning.” – Meagan, Graduate Research Assistant & LPLC Educational Specialist


“LPLC helped us create a school environment that made our children know we cared, and empowered our teachers to address the needs of the whole child.” – Lisa, Principal


“One of LPLC’s students once told me, ‘If you don’t know how to read, you don’t have a life.’ Lee Pesky Learning Center gives life to those who feel lost.” – Dr. Deborah Glaser, LPLC Director of Education and Training, 1996-2002


“The time that I spent at LPLC helped me overcome my early challenges learning to read and sound out words. I am now a model, actor, and designer living in New York City.”

-Nathan, LPLC Alumnus

“La oportunidad que Lee Pesky Learning Center brinda de tomar entrenamientos en mi idioma nativo, es como melodía para mis oídos. Como educadora profesional que no habla inglés, el poder tomar entrenamientos en mi idioma me hace sentir incluida y reconocida.” (The opportunity that Lee Pesky Learning Center brings of taking trainings in my native language, is like a melody to my ears. As a professional teacher that doesn’t speak English, it makes me feel included and recognized.)

-Dionisia, Educator 


“Going to extra instruction wasn’t exactly easy, and I remember feeling exhausted after my intervention time, but I also remember feeling more successful because of the supports I got at Lee Pesky Learning Center, and that really helped me keep going. I am proud that I can achieve at high levels even though it takes a lot of extra work.”

– Julianne, LPLC Alumna & Staff Member

Julianne Masser

“LPLC is a place where a love of learning is made possible—where top research is matched with best practices in a compassionate and humanistic way. The transformation in my children into confident, joyful, learners has been an unmatched miracle to witness!”

– Meredith, LPLC Parent


“I was scared, discouraged, and mad at the world. I could not account for the differences between my perceived capabilities and the work I was actually producing. It was intensely frustrating. LPLC provided me with a remarkable gift: it gave me the tools to become the person I am today. The person I always knew I was.”

– Will, LPLC Alumnus & Board Member


“Leer las palabras fue un poco dificil pero yo lo intente solita. A mi me gusta los numeros y las letras y me siento bien que las se.” (Reading the words was challenging for me, but I tried it by myself. I like numbers and letters and I feel good that I know them.)

– Valentina, PTL Student