After Lee Pesky Learning Center was founded in 1997, Alan & Wendy Pesky made a thoughtful decision to direct the remainder of Lee’s estate to create a separate endowment fund to support LPLC’s work. This initial investment has grown into a source of strength for LPLC’s future.

As of December 31, 2022, LPLC’s endowment is valued at $4,678,485.

Our endowment helps us make strategic decisions to increase our services and scale our impact.

With endowment, the principal of the fund is preserved and the income generated through careful investment can be directed to LPLC’s budget each year. The LPLC Endowment Board is responsible for overseeing the investment and distribution of funds from the endowment. The LPLC Board is responsible for overseeing the policies of receiving and using distributions from the Endowment and for making transfers of funds into the Endowment.

Our endowment provides budgetary support for all areas of LPLC – research, services, and training – and increases LPLC’s impact on student outcome.

We accept gifts of cash, check, credit card, and/or securities towards the endowment. If you would like to make a gift to the Lee Pesky Learning Center Endowment Fund, please contact our Advancement Director, at (208) 333-0008 or [email protected].